What's New in Möbius

These improvements are available for:

 Release 2018.0 is live on the Möbius Platform now, including minor bug fixes, updates to content authoring and consumption, and a number of administrative improvements. The full list of technical fixes and updates are included in the 2018.0 Release Notes and 2018.0.1 Release Notes

Gain Insight with New Analytics Tools

Möbius 2018 is capable of capturing a lot of data, so you get great insight into how your students are learning (or not learning!), as well as ways to measure the effectiveness of your content.

For example, you can:

  • Determine how long students spend on a question of an assignment or page in a lesson. Does it match what you expected?
  • Find out if students are making use of the "try another question" options. Are they helping?
  • Learn how many attempts students make on each question or assignment. Was the lesson as clear as it could be?
  • Look at how students are watching an Active Slideshow. Do they skip over parts of it, and does that affect their ability to answer questions correctly? Is the slideshow useful?

Ready-made dashboards make it easy to examine your data, both at the overview level and in detail. With Möbius 2018, you can:

  • Access ready-made reports based on your data, instantly
  • Choose from a variety of built-in time periods, or specify a range of dates
  • View usage information at the system, class, and module level
  • Get a deeper view into how students interact with lessons, assignments, questions, and slideshows

Dramatic Performance Improvements

For Möbius 2018, we've put in a lot of infrastructure work to further strength stability, uptime, scalability, and performance.

These under-the-hood improvements do not lend themselves to pretty images or exciting feature demos, but we are sure you'll appreciate the results. Here are a few examples from our performance testing:

  • The median assignment navigation response time for one thousand simultaneous users was 10x faster.
  • The speed of computations, such as those used during grading, or when generating a new question, was 2x faster.

Even Better Plotting

Möbius provides a large variety of plots and customization options, so you can create the visuals that help your students understand concepts and demonstrate their understanding.

Plotting enhancements are another benefit of the infrastructure improvements in Möbius 2018.

  • Authors have full access to all plot types and options in Maple 2018, including grid lines, transparency, and axes that are automatically labelled using multiples of π for trigonometric plots.
  • Students can explore plots interactively, through zooming and panning, and by rotating 3-D plots.
  • Plots controlled by sliders respond instantly, so the plot is updated continuously as the slider is dragged.
  • Many plots simply look better.


We never stop looking for ways to improve the security of our systems, so Möbius 2018 includes many enhancements to help keep your data safe. For example, Möbius 2018 now uses Google Cloud Platform™ as its hosting environment, which provides a variety of benefits including an industrial grade firewall, at-rest database encryption, and robust tools for identity and access management.


For our European customers, Möbius 2018 is fully GDPR compliant. For example, all users on the system are provided information with how their information will be used, and must give explicit consent in order to use Möbius. For non-European customers, this behavior is available as an option. By updating to Möbius 2018 on our new European server, you ensure that you meet your GDPR obligations when it comes to using DigitalEd services at your institution.