About Us

We are changing the future of education

Our Mission

DigitalEd is on a mission to transform online education and empower educators across the world to make learning better for everyone.

What we do

DigitalEd offers online education solutions designed especially for STEM courses. Our products, powered by Maple, are uniquely positioned to provide effective tools for online math-based education.

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Want to make a difference in the world of education? We're always looking for bright, motivated people to join our team. Learn more about career opportunities at DigitalEd.

Our Board Members

John Doe

Jim Cooper

President and CEO

James (Jim) Cooper successfully built Maplesoft into the world's premier advanced mathematics, modeling and simulation software provider. Under his leadership, Maplesoft has transformed from a provider of desktop mathematics software, to offering unique digital education solutions, offered by DigitalEd. Jim has positioned DigitalEd to quickly become a leader in online education solutions that meet the particular needs of STEM education and research.

Josh Clark

Dr. Paul Woolner

Board Member

Dr. Paul Woolner applies organizational science and learning theory to build scalable, high performance, business enterprises. He has helped create sector leading, profitable and sustainable businesses as an advisor, partner and founding entrepreneur. His goal is to build organizations that optimize the collective intelligence of its members to achieve business success, personal engagement and exceptional ongoing development.

Mary Jane

Nicholas Paine

Board Member

Over the past 35 years, Nicholas has been a corporate executive, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. After Nicholas and three co-founders invented what evolved into mobile and Internet dating in the mid-1990s, Nicholas founded Quinto Capital, his venture capital company that since, has invested in many tech and real estate platform companies. Nicholas has over twenty-five years of experience working shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow entrepreneurs as a co-founder, investor or advisor.

Nix Maxwell

Steven S. Rogers

Board Member

Steve Rogers is a business strategist, brand visionary and deal maker. He became Partner and President of College Pro in 1989, grew that modest platform into The Franchise Company, totalling $1.46 billion annually in customer level revenue. Steve resigned from TFC in July 2011 and formed Four Box Holdings Inc., an asset management company, where he is now President. As well, he is founder of The Fourth Box Charitable Foundation and currently serves on the Board of Directors of numerous private companies.